Investment Management


Investment Management

The Cutten Group combines our core investment management principles with a tailored approach to build portfolios that aim for superior risk-adjusted returns consistent with your goals and temperament. We don’t invest the same way for everyone. Our process takes our knowledge, your needs, your current situation and financial goals and uses them all to construct and maintain an investment portfolio tailored to you.

Key Investment Principles

Objectivity and Independence

Offer a fiduciary approach to investment management based on our status as a private investment firm.

Tailored Portfolios

Customize our allocations according to the client's objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon and liquidity requirements.

Risk Management and Rebalancing

Focus on risk-adjusted rates of return and long-term rebalancing. Continually monitor alignment with the client's investment plan, objectives and risk tolerance.


Modern portfolio theory suggests diversifying clients' portfolios to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term. Invest in both conventional and alternative asset classes.

Strategic Adjustments for Opportunities

Make tactical adjustments based on market opportunities. Do not attempt significant shifts to time the market.

Alternative Investments and Private Equity

Include private investments as appropriate to maximize risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

Macro Approach

The Cutten Group's equity strategy identifies top-down investment factors. Macroeconomic models identify global trends. Research identifies economic sector and industry rotations. They consider the effects of political changes. The research team also examines accounting transparency and market liquidity as they make their investment decisions.

Portfolio Composition

Our investment team selects top-rated securities that meet the client's asset allocation and risk profile. The Cutten Group quantitative models rank stocks by proprietary analysis. Risk management, alpha and beta ensure a portfolio's optimal, risk-adjusted returns.

Risk Minimization

Investment Advisors try to lower the risk of equity positions by diversifying across sector, industry, geography and market capitalization concentrations. Once the portfolio is established, we keep an eye on all holdings and makes changes based on diversification metrics and our ranking system for securities.