Charities & Foundations


Charities & Foundations

As a leading global non-profit investment manager, our team offers a variety of services to support charities, foundations and endowments in achieving their objectives.
While the needs of charities and foundations vary, there are four general stages to our management process:
    1.  Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the organization’s financial position, objectives, and risk tolerance as conveyed by its investment mandate.
    2.  Recommending a suitable asset allocation strategy
    3.  Investment selection and tactical asset allocation throughout the market cycle
    4.  Continuous reporting. This includes monitoring financial and local legislative changes and responding accordingly.
Our portfolio management services provide customized investment solutions for non-profit clients looking to protect against inflation, generate income, and meet ethical requirements.

Charity Investment

Our first client is still with us, a testament to our longevity and quality of service. We work with sector umbrella organizations to research and promote best charity investment governance and management practices. Our charity portfolio management includes:
  • A bespoke investment portfolio
  • Access to high-quality securities
  • Regular investment reporting
  • Excellence in client service and support
  • Representation at trustee meetings

Responsible Investment & Sustainability

Charities, foundations and other non-profits are created to improve the lives of others and the world around us. Your portfolio should speak to your mission.

Our belief that it is in our clients’ best interests to consider a company’s ESG management and exposure is central to our approach to responsible investing. Over time, companies that combine good governance and corporate responsibility will typically generate long-term shareholder value. We believe that businesses can improve their long-term performance by understanding the environmental, social, and governance issues that impact their operations.

A comprehensive awareness of environmental, social, and governance issues enables companies to potentially mitigate risks and liabilities that could arise as well as realize opportunities in an environment that is becoming increasingly dynamic and where legitimacy and credibility in the marketplace are important indicators of the performance of the corporation.