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Our History

Over the past 30 years, the professionals at The Cutten Group have earned the trust and confidence of global investors. They have done this by using a disciplined and time-tested method to find undervalued securities and by sticking to integrity and principles. The Cutten Group investment team strives to ensure that every portfolio provides consistent and superior returns, through all market and economic cycles.
Today, The Cutten Group offers a compelling mix of experience, service, performance, and innovation that makes it the best choice for offshore investors. Everyone in the company is trained to give excellent customer service. And because we run our business on our own, we don’t have the distractions and competing goals of larger bank-owned firms.
Our goal is to help you get the most out of your money so you can live your best life. We work with you as a team, making your life our central focus. We will take the time to learn about you, your background, your beliefs, your needs, and your goals so that we can help you allocate your money wisely. By doing this, we hope to give you an optimum return on life, not just higher returns on investments.
We will help you get your finances in order and keep them in order. We will help you plan for your income and spending needs for the rest of your life, as well as your investments, retirement and estate planning. Our goal is to make your life easier and save you money and time. We use the most up-to-date software for financial planning to help you see your financial future, help you set priorities for your goals, and track how close we are to reaching them.
As a first-rate group of professionals with years of experience, we make decisions with insight, honesty and integrity. We provide portfolio management tailored to the needs of each client. All The Cutten Group managers follow the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct of the CFA Institute. The Cutten Group follows standard international guidelines to ensure we comply with anti-money laundering regulations as well as maintaining the highest level of cybersecurity to protect our clients.
Our Approach

A Tradition of Excellence

The principals of The Cutten Group know that nothing can beat the judgment and experience of top investment professionals who have access to the best and most advanced research tools in the money management industry.

Portfolio managers at The Cutten Group use proprietary research technology. Our system uses advanced artificial intelligence to screen securities. Our research systems try to find a balance between fundamental, qualitative, and quantitative parameters so that investments do better over time. The process for making decisions about investments is based on the work of a team, not on the opinions of one person. The Cutten Group thinks that clients get the best results when we combine our own research technology with a talented team of investment managers.

The Cutten Group stands out from competitors because it has better research, better service, skilled professionals, and global alliances. The dedicated investment advisors at The Cutten Group give each client personalized financial advice that is designed to maximize returns while keeping the principal safe.

When advising clients on investments, The Cutten Group has a long-term and practical philosophy. Some of our key principles are:

  • Maintain a long-term focus
  • Ethical and objective approach
  • Prioritize capital preservation
  • Enhance returns within risk profile parameters
  • A diverse range of assets minimizes risk

We give advice that fits the goals of our clients and keep an eye on a wide range of investment opportunities. We do a lot of research to make sure that our clients have access to the best investment strategies on the market. This is based on our exceptional knowledge of public and private equity markets around the world. Because we are independent, we always and only work for our clients.

Sustainability entails managing the risks and challenges an organization faces to meet the needs of the present while also ensuring the well-being of future generations. In order to meet the objectives of our clients, a portion of our team specializes in Sustainability and Responsible Investing. In terms of long-term value creation, this encompasses the following principles: environmental, social, governance and cultural.

Offshore Investing

Benefits of Offshore Investing

Offshore investing refers to holding assets in another country. Many of those who would most benefit from holding assets offshore don’t take advantage of it because they are unaware of its simplicity and benefits. The benefits of working with an offshore investment company are more extensive than many realize.

Many people may look for offshore private wealth management services because it’s a great way to protect their assets. People seek offshore protection for a wide range of reasons. These can include tax sheltering, legal protections from divorce, creditor protection, and estate and retirement planning. Investing outside of your home country gives you a wide range of asset protection solutions.

Having a backup source of funds available in a second jurisdiction provides protection from political and geopolitical uncertainties. The world is changing quickly. Many people that live in countries where they don’t trust local banks regularly avail of offshore investment services. When assets are held offshore, owners have the peace of mind of knowing that they always have access to funds. When you hold assets with a professional investment company, your assets will grow while you’re keeping them safe.

It can be challenging to invest in certain domestic and international markets. By working with an established investment company in a different jurisdiction, you open yourself up to opportunities in global capital markets. Investors have access not just to different stock exchanges, but also to private equity and many other alternative investments and asset classes.

Obviously, offshore asset management services offer many other advantages, but these are perhaps the most well-known, and for good reason. Keeping assets secure in the modern era can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Investors need only investigate alternative options, which in some instances may include offshore wealth management services.